Emma Varg delivers a tight-wrapped rock'n'roll production. The heavy metal sound in the music emphasizes the strength in her voice as she spits lyrics that speak of rage and betrayal. These are hot-rock-blasts for playing loud as you drive your car down the highway at top speed.


For all you lovers of blazing guitars, smashing drums and a hyperbole of attitude, you'll be thrilled with Emma Varg.


june 7, 2017

Sweden Rock Festival | 4Sound Stage | Sölvesborg - SE

july 7, 2017

Vicious Rock Festival | Folkets Park | Trollhättan - SE

july 28, 2017

Sommarfesten 2017 | Peking MC | Norrköping - SE

july 29, 2017

Schwänga i Krogaränga | Folkets Park | Vadstena - SE

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Lucky 7 Norrköping

Martin Gustafsson

Sound & Communication

Stefan Friberg